Welcome to The Gay Scouts

Belonging. Badassery. Backbone. Bravery.

The Gay Scouts

About Us

Gay Scouts is a different kind of community.


The Gay Scouts community embraces a dignified and sexy way of life.

Fun, belonging, inspiration and eros are our guiding principles. 

This is the home you've been seeking. Here you’ll feel held, supported, and pushed.

You will have the tools and confidence to reveal your greatest fears, release your fullest potential, and experience deep love and heart-nurturing joy.

You will be seen.

You will be heard.

You will be celebrated.

Why You Should Join Us

Move your life from simply functional to profoundly exceptional!

    Like-minded men to connect and grow with
    Earn badges to become more fulfilled, present, and powerful
    Connect and learn with men who’ve been there (and teach those who haven't)
    Expert guidance from men with advanced certifications and experience
    Fun, life-changing experiences in-person and online
  • FUN
    Have a blast creating the life you've always wanted!

Guiding Principles:

These Four Pillars are our foundation:



Learn to truly belong in your own skin and to take this feeling of belonging everywhere you go


Harness your personal power, your creative energies and create the life that you truly want to live


Stand in the confidence of your beliefs, embracing the beauty of difference, and sharing support & accountability


Actively choose love over fear, see the world as your ally and celebrate your sexuality

Learn, Grow and Have Fun as a Gay Scout!

Learn life skills for Today's GBTQ Man while climbing the Ranks, and earning Skill Awards and Merit Badges

You'll start as a Newbie and climb up the ranks as you complete the training courses.
  1. Initiate: Learn the Basics
  2. Rookie: Learn about Belonging
  3. Cadet: Learn about Badassery
  4. Wingman: Learn about Backbone
  5. Flyboy: Learn about Bravery
  6. Sergeant: Start earning Merit Badges
  7. Commander: Gain experience as a Mentor
  8. Admiral: Experience, Service and Mentoring
Each Rank Level has an online course complete with videos, downloads and a community to support your growth and development.
Complete training online, in-person or a combination of both!

What's Included?

Events, Courses, Masterclasses, Scout Meetings, Mentor, and more!

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